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Aloof Alert

An advanced alert system which manages the process of sending reminders, updates, wishes, announcements, promotions, and schemes. Now keep yourself and your customers updated with relevant and required information.

Aloof Alert pulls the information from data stores like Busy and Tally, prepares the alert and sends it to relevant people. Because alert processing happens automatically, you can utilize that time elsewhere.

Aloof Alert has built-in support for handling daily and hourly email quotas for popular SMTP servers of current time. More...

Aloof BAR

Aloof BAR is Backup and Restore software which supports both automatic and manual backup and restore.

Create a backup, set it to run automatically, and forget about it. Aloof BAR will automatically run the backup at the scheduled date and time, so you have the benefits not only of having your data protected, but you'll also save precious time.

Aloof BAR has built-in support for handling data compression, extraction and mirroring. More...

Aloof Peddle

Aloof Peddle has been designed to work in both online and offline modes. Now you can do transactions directly on your mobile, without bothering about internet.

Aloof Peddle automatically syncs data from mobile to server when it founds the internet connectivity. Because data syncing process happens in background automatically, you are free to continue with your routine work.

Aloof Peddle ensures secure and faster communication between mobile clients and server with almost 0% data loss. More...

Aloof RDP

A complete solution to manage sharing of your server resources among remote users without compromising the security and performance of your server.

Aloof RDP allows multiple users to login simultaneously on server and provides faster access to remote applications even on slow networks like mobile internet.

Aloof RDP consists modern and powerful printing engine which provides hassle free

printing on client on any type of printer with an option to select printer of your choice apart from default printer. More...




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